Test: Find Your Ideal Career Path Quiz?

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    What’s your favorite TV Show?

    • Lost
    • The Office
    • America’s Next Top Model
    • Grey’s Anatomy
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    Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

    • Where I live now
    • In a third world country
    • New York or Hollywood
    • Everywhere and anywhere
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    What kind of student are you?

    • I take organized notes.
    • I get good grades and help my classmates out when they’re confused.
    • I spend most of class doodling on my binder.
    • I pay attention only when my teacher is talking about something interesting.
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    What kind of learner are you?

    • Visual learner. Give me pictures, movies, a skit!
    • Reading and writing learner. The textbook will teach me everything I need to know.
    • Auditory learner. Make it sound interesting and I’ll never forget it.
    • Hands-on learner. Show me how it’s done and then let me try it out.
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    What are your favorite subjects in school?

    • Math or English
    • Gym or Social Studies
    • Art or Drama
    • Science or Mechanics
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    What are you most likely to collect?

    • Photographs or movies
    • Coins or books
    • Insects or travel souvenirs
    • Personal keepsakes
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    When you graduate, you’ll be voted…

    • Most Creative Grad
    • Nicest Grad
    • Shyest Grad
    • Most Adventurous Grad
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    What would be your ideal volunteer experience?

    • Library or Parent’s Office
    • Hospital or Animal Shelter
    • Aquarium or Summer Camp
    • Theatre or Publishing Company
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    Which of following is the most important thing to have in the future?

    • Love and Family
    • Freedom and Happiness
    • Adventurous Stories to Tell
    • Financial Security
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    Who is your idol?

    • Albert Einstein
    • Neil Armstrong
    • Mother Teresa
    • J.K. Rowling

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