Meet Toad, The Dog With A Mouth Inside Her Ear

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, USA Meet Toad, the dog who is growing a second mouth – which even has teeth and salivates – where her ear should be (Credit: Pen News/Heather Hernandez) (Pen News £25, £15, £10 online) (Contact

Dogs are cute, right? you presumably don’t want convincing of that. Even once my dog has pissed on the bottom, or torn his bed to shreds, or tried to eat a dead bird off the road, he’s still improbably cute.

Now imagine however cute dogs , then add a further ear, filled with teeth and salivating. that’s the frog, a dog two-handed into AN animal welfare shelter in OKlahoma.

Heather H. Toad’s owner, aforementioned that instantly when we tend to detected that she was different from most dogs out there.
“She was initially showing umberable aggression but once she and that I got on, everything disappeared.” admittedly, I’d be pretty angry if I used to be saddled with a further gob that I failed to provoke.

“Upon her initial intake take a look at at the shelter, our medico originally thought she had further ears,” she said.

“But once we tend to insensible her for her castrate surgery, that’s when we tend to discovered that she truly solely has one ear and a pair of mouths.”

The owner added: “We’ve thought it had a pair of teeth but we’ve done a dental cleanup on the ear some of weeks agone and discovered it’s several. many of the ear teeth had cracked, which caused some discomfort, but once we tend to remove the broken teeth she was sensible as new.
“The main teeth we tend to unbroken since they appear to be connected to the bone. we tend to positively cannot rule out that the ear mouth could cause further issues within the future however that’s okay, we are going to merely take it at some point at a time.

“It has what seems like lips within which the gap of the lips square measure the half that actively salivates.”

Toad’s ear mouth doesn’t have a jaw although therefore it doesn’t open and shut. She doesn’t hear, see or smell fine as a result of everything in her head is misaligned.
Heather found frog once he was two-handed in at her animal charity, domestic dog Misfits, that deals with misshapen and disabled dogs.

“The charity was shaped as a result of in shelter settings there aren’t many organizations that focus on the special desires pups,” she said.
“Most rescue teams absorb very adoptable pups from shelters and rehome them.

“We concentrate on animals with major medical issues and saving the sick and blistered pets. we tend to would like to assist individuals to understand that animals don’t ought to be excellent to form glorious pets.”

The mobile phone style is not for everyone!