6 Best Ab Exercises (Proven By Science)


Best Ab Exercise #5: The Ab Roll Out

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moving to the next exercise on the list ranking as the 5th best exercise for six-pack abs, we have the ab rollout and the torso track. These are both nearly the same exercise except one is done with an ab wheel, while the other one is done on a slippery track.

This is one that you probably won’t be doing with weights, but by training yourself to roll out further over time you can gradually put more stress on your abs allowing you to continuously overload your abs over time.

To perform this exercise, get on all fours with your arms locked out, the ab wheel straight under your chest. As a beginner do not roll out all the way because you can harm your back. Once you get comfortable to sit your hips back to give you some leverage.

Once you’re ready, you can continue to do more advanced levels where you roll all the way out to the point, and make sure your body is almost flat on the ground at the end of the movement.

This is one of my favorite ab exercises because you don’t need a lot of reps to break down a lot of muscle tissue and get stronger.

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