6 Best Ab Exercises (Proven By Science)


There are thousands of ab exercises out there available for you to do, but wouldn’t it be nice to know which one’s are the best and which ones are the worst. If we can only focus on the best exercises then we certainly can get faster development of our six-pack abs.

Fortunately, ACE which is the American Council on exercise conducted a study to test out different ab movements to find which exercises produce the best results.

It’s pretty in-depth research comparing 13 different exercises. The researchers basically looked at muscle stimulation and activity and ranked the exercises from worst to best.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in with the top 6 best ab exercises proven by science.

Best Ab Exercise #6: Long Arm Crunch

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The long arm crunch is one of the best ab exercises, and I highly recommend that you try it with a weight. This exercise primarily concentrates on working the rectus abdominis, which will help you develop your six-pack.

Moreover, you can do it without a weight, but It is recommended to take a moderately heavy weight load and pointing it straight to the ceiling.

In fact, there is a study published in 2009 in the journal of physical therapy in sport, found that using weights for your abs can greatly increase the stimulation of your rectus abdominis.

Back to the long arm crunch, make sure to crunch up just enough to lift your shoulder blades up off the ground, and then come back down while keeping your arms pointed straight towards the ceiling all the time. It won’t take much to feel the burn from this exercise, this is an exercise that I usually recommend doing a drop set with.

This means that you should do 10 to 20 reps of weighted long arm crunches, and then immediately drop the weight and perform 20 more reps with only your body weight, and your hands stacked on top of each other.

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