10 Things Your Hands Can Tell About Your Health—Do Your Hands Ever Feel Like Pins and Needles?

2. Trigger finger
If you’ve watched any old western movies, you’ve most likely heard the term “trigger finger” at some point. The phrase may even make you think of old cowboys talking about having an itchy trigger finger. But you may be surprised that trigger finger is an actual condition, also known by the medical term stenosing tenosynovitis. But what is it exactly?

Have you ever bent your fingers and had that one finger that just would not straighten, usually, your ring finger or your thumb, and when you do get the finger to straighten, it makes a popping or snapping noise? This is called trigger finger. It is caused by the tendon becoming inflamed, which makes it harder to extend your finger. This condition is more common in people who have to clasp or grip things repetitively at work. However, people with diabetes or thyroid disease are more at risk for developing trigger finger.


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